My name is Kyoko Akiyama.
I would like to introduce a little bit of myself and hope it could be of any help to understand my website.

When I was young,

I used to work for an airline company as a cabin attendant.
At that time, I always made it a rule to go around to see historical monuments or houses in each countries.
I really liked to collect beautiful tablewares,figurines,and other things concerning the interior and exterior designs.
I had been so interested in architectural industries.

When I had a chance to build my own house,

both "Major General Contractor" 's goods and service had been totally unsatistactory.
Many unexpected things happened that made me so sad and disappointed.
can't say enough about that experiences here,
or what I thought about the "Major General Contractor",
which should have brought me "a dream house".

From that experience,

I really thought the importance of the customers' satisfaction.
What is "customer-friendly service"? or "customer-friendly attitude"?
I've been thinking about that since then.
I would like to be a good adviser to the customers.
I certainly have Something that I learned from my experiences.

After having experienced in the architectural business fields,
I have started my first business as a privately-owned general contractor.
I have many good staffs to cooperate, definite networked team of construction.

Let me be a good family doctor for your house.
We would be glad to offer any assistance to you!
Thank you very much.

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